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The Healing Power of Grounding/Earthing

Have you ever walked across lush, green grass barefoot, smelling the nature around you, and suddenly felt at peace? Or wondered why a day spent laying on the warm soft sand at the beach listening to the waves crashing ashore is so relaxing? Believe it or not, there is science behind why this is.

Our bodies are composed of water and minerals, therefore, making them a great conductor of energy. When we connect with the earth through either grass, sand, or water (that's right, let your inner mermaid out) we are allowing the negatively charged ions to flow into our bodies and help balance and neutralize oxidative stress and free radicals. Not only can this help to create a sense of calm and peace but it also has some pretty serious healing powers, here are some of them:

1.Reduced Stress Levels

When you are in a state of constant stress (fight-or-flight response) your stress hormones, including cortisol rise. While cortisol is an important hormone that helps control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, as well as helps reduce inflammation, too much of it can increase blood sugar levels, suppress your immune system, and contribute to high blood pressure. Studies have shown that because the nervous system which controls the body’s functions and processes is essentially an electoral system an influx of negatively charged (grounding) electrons can help calm and harmonize the body's natural rhythms. Thus helping reduce stress hormones in the body, helping you feel more relaxed. (Told you there was science behind it.)

2. Reduced Levels of Inflammation and Pain

Acute inflammation in the body is a natural immune response to injury; however, sometimes the inflammation will continue after the healing process has completed this is what we refer to as chronic inflammation. Studies have shown that grounding can have a natural anti-inflammatory effect fairly quickly throughout the body. When we connect with the Earth and those negatively charged electrons flow into the body they neutralize the oxidative stress that is causing inflammation in the body. A reduction in the levels of inflammation in the body will naturally decrease the amount of pain felt in those areas.

3.Improved Circulation

Healthy blood circulation is essential for well, EVERYTHING. It is needed for good digestion, heart health, immune response, energy, and brain activity. When red blood cells clump together blood flow becomes thick and viscous slowing proper circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the body. Grounding has been shown to increase the negative surface charge of red blood cells, therefore, reducing blood viscosity and clumping, and improving overall circulation. In fact, some studies suggest that grounding can help reduce cardiovascular risk and cardiovascular events.

4.Improves Immune System Response and Wound Healing

As we explained above grounding has been shown to improve circulation in the body and in turn, this will help to improve the immune system response because the immune cells will be able to circulate the body more efficiently. In addition to this grounding can also help improve wound healing by decreasing the amount of acute inflammation. The negatively charged electrons that flow into the body during grounding can help to reduce oxidative stress in the surrounding area which helps accelerate the healing process and protect healthy tissue in that area.

See we weren’t kidding when we said that ground packed some seriously powerful healing powers. The bottom line here is that grounding/earthing can help to improve your overall health, as well as help, improve symptoms of some diseases. So our suggestion: get out in nature, go swimming in the ocean, lakes, or rivers, spend a day sitting on the beach soaking up all those negatively charged electrons, as much as possible!

Until next time,

Chris & Tyson

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