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Our a Nutshell

November 7th, 2012 was a day neither of us will EVER forget it was the end of our life as we knew it...BUT it was the beginning of a new life better than we could have ever imagined!

Tyson had been suffering from brutal headaches for about 3 weeks. After multiple trips to our local hospital with no answers, I decided to take him to an emergency room in a city 3 hours away hoping to find answers. 


I had plenty of time to think because Tyson slept most of the way, he only woke up to vomit, that was the only relief he could get from those headaches. On that drive I thought about every scenario possible the worst one by far was what if it's a tumor? 

Fortunately, when we got to the hospital a doctor overheard the conversation between Tyson and the nurse, which really was a conversation between myself and the nurse because Tyson was so out of it at this point. The doctor took Tyson back for an MRI immediately! 


After about 30 of the longest minutes of my life, the doctor called me in. He looked at me and said I know that since you drove this far in weather this bad you must feel that something is really wrong. I said yes and his response was well it's a good thing you brought him in. He went on to say this "your husband has a massive tumor in his left frontal lobe and we have to admit him immediately and get him booked for surgery".


There it was my worst-case scenario come to fruition and it got worse from there. 

They booked him for surgery on November 13th but on November 11th he was no longer responding to the nurses' pain sensation tests. That is when they decided to rush him in for brain surgery.

I thought 30 minutes in the emergency waiting room was long that was nothing compared to being in a waiting room for 6 hours knowing your husband was in an operating room with doctors removing part of his brain. Finally, the doctor came out to get me, and thankfully he had good news, the surgery went well and Tyson was in ICU recovering. He spent 4 more days in the hospital and those 4 days were crazy, to say the least but in the interest of keeping this shortish, I won't get into that.

About 3 weeks after that we finally got the results of the biopsy, it was a grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme the worst possible brain cancer you could have. We were told that Tyson had 6 months to live but if he accepted radiation and chemotherapy they could give him 17 months to 5 years but they said you will die from this one day.


How's that for bedside manner??


They gave us no hope, when we asked what we could do for ourselves they said of there is nothing you can do, live life as you normally would. What do you mean as I normally would??? Living that way got us to this point... literally a death sentence. We were scared but we weren't idiots if living the way we were got us here we knew we had to change something.

And that is when our healing journey truly began that's when we knew exactly what we were up against.

We, when I say we I mean our whole family dove headfirst into researching cancer. We left no stone unturned we tried everything even if it was only going to help a little we did it because all those little things added up to big results! 

We learned that cancer is not just about the tumor it is about the body as a whole. We took a mind, body, spirit approach in our healing journey. 

Every body is different therefore everyone's healing journey will be different.

Our mission in life is to show others that there are alternatives out there, alternatives that can be used with or without conventional medicine it's your body you decide.

Okay maybe that wasn't a nutshell but it was the best I could do, thanks for reading .

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