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 We Offer Private Cancer Coaching

Anti-Cancer Health&Lifestyle

Private Coaching

Do you know in your soul that you are going to beat this?

Are you a little lost in information overload?

Are you struggling to make sense of it all?

Are you willing to do what it takes if you only knew what to do?

Would you like to have some structure in your life?

Would you like to talk to someone who has done it?

So did we, and that is why we do what we do.

Welcome to Our Pure Family where you'll be treated like family because that is what you need right now.

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What you can expect while working with us

  • an understanding of the lifestyle changes required to heal from cancer; proper nutrition, hydration, reducing toxins, and movement suitable to you.

  • strategies to help you and your loved ones to cope with your diagnosis

  • a wellness plan specific to you and your needs

  • understanding the connection between toxins and cancer

  • what to expect while undergoing conventional (chemotherapy and radiation) treatment

  • learning about foods that will help you fight cancer and not feed it

  • strategy session where we will discuss your goals and your concerns

  • follow up calls via zoom or phone to keep you on track

  • a complete sense of empowerment and control over your health

  • prior to starting a program, we will send you an in-depth health questionnaire

We offer a free no obligation 30-minute call so you can learn more about us our story and what we offer.

Wet grass
Two Week
All Access Cancer Coaching Package 
  • A comprehensive review of your questionnaire and food journal (to be completed prior to your session) This will be an opportunity for you to ask questions and share your concerns.

  • Full access to us via e-mail and/or messaging throughout our time together, no question is too big or small. We are here to support you every step of the way!

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations, specific to your situation.

  • Recipes based on specific nutritional recommendations

  • Toxin-free lifestyle guide.

  • Resources as needed.

This package begins with an extensive health questionnaire as well as a 3-day food journal both of which will be filled out before our coaching sessions begin. This will give us an overall look at your current health status and will enable us to create a personalized health plan specific to your situation. We will then schedule an appointment so we can discuss your concerns and this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


We know full well that being diagnosed with cancer and trying to change your lifestyle can be incredibly overwhelming. That is why this program is called all access you will have complete access to us over these two weeks you can ask us anything and everything we are here for you and your family. 

We also offer addons: $50 for additional weeks or a special offer of 4 additional weeks for $175.

Compassion pricing is available, please contact us and we can make arrangements that work for you!

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