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No one needs to die of cancer.


You may have been told...

  • 'Your prognosis doesn't look good'

  • 'Yours is a rare form of...'

  • 'The average life expectancy is...'

  • 'We can extend your life another __ months if you accept treatment'


But, what you haven't been told is...


Welcome to our site, we are both so happy that you're here!!

In 2012 when Tyson was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given six months to live, we knew in our hearts that our life together was not going to end like that. 

So the two of us, with help from amazing friends and family, set out on a mission to make sure our time together would last for many, many, MANY decades to come.

We soon found out that conventional treatment focused solely on the disease using surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. ​

Our focus became not on the tumor but on creating overall wellness in the body using a natural and holistic approach.

  • We realized that we needed to play the central role in Tyson's recovery, not the doctors and not the medicine. 

  • We had to create wellness in the body through nutrition, exercise, stress management, and awareness of our external environment. 

  • We had to create a whole new way of life for ourselves.

​You've found Our Pure Family in your search for alternatives and have decided to actively participate in your road to recovery.​



Surviving and thriving after a cancer diagnosis requires a willingness to change physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Our mission is to show you what those changes are and help you put together an action plan that will maximize your opportunity for a cancer-free life, all while maintaining a high quality of life!

Come and join our family!!

Let us guide you on your healing journey.


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New on the Blog

What our clients are saying...


"Since November we have been members of Our Pure Family. My husband was diagnosed with grade 4 glioblastoma in September 2019. He had surgery, radiation and chemotherapy but we felt there must be something more we can do and there is! It’s simple, it’s called getting healthy!


With the help of Our Pure Family coaches Christine and Tyson Lucas we have learned to live a healthier lifestyle and the tricks to kick cancer's ass!!! Like many people, we were naive thinking we’re healthy we don’t have anything to worry about, we were wrong! Right now we are fighting cancer but if we knew then what we know now we would be preventing cancer and many other health problems!


If you are fighting cancer or you’re a caregiver to a cancer patient or if you just want to live a healthy lifestyle and prevent future illness, I recommend looking into Our Pure Family! It’s worth it and it’s working for us!

- Cheryl L.

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